Q9300 47c idle ~ 67c load

Hey just upgraded from a Pentium Dual Core E6300 2.80Ghz to a Core 2 Quad Q9300

Now when i got this processer i noticed it ran pretty hot for idle

Stock temp:
Idle: 45c

Overclocked Temp:

Now i dont use a stock cooler, i use a artic cooler freezer pro 7...now i applied paste made sure there is proper contact beween cooler and cpu. And cleaned all the dust, but still
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  1. The FP7 is a good cooler, but is push it to the limit for a quad core overclocked.

    Take a look at results for a Q6600 @ http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/freezer7pro/2.htm

    Better off with a Ultra 120.
  2. Those temps don't sound right to me. I'd expect a stock cooler to be better than that, your 5c from the max.

    I used that same cooler to keep an E8400 clocked @ 4ghz with max safe voltage and barely broke 60. Quad cores are hotter but not THAT much.

    I'd try re-seating your HS and re-apply the thermal paste. Make sure the heatsink has the dust cleaned out and you have some airflow in your case.

    Actually now that I re-read your post those were your overclocked temps.

    What was the overclocked voltage on the Q9300? Those temps are seeming a little closer to normal, but i'd still expect your stock temps to be better.
  3. This is just incorect applied thermal paste, tell us how you apply T. paste?
  4. Misko195 said:
    This is just incorect applied thermal paste, tell us how you apply T. paste?

    Well i use Artic silver paste, and i use a dot at the centre of the Processer die, and then in a circular motion spread evenly till it covers the base of the cpu and thats it, And i might have figured why my temps are so high one of the pins on the Artic fan are bust so when you push down on the pin into motherboard it doesnt make proper contact with the cpu, so i guess ill need a new fan

    Maybe OCZ Vendetta?
  5. Ok tested Stock intel fan

    Temps Load:@ 78c

    Re-seated Artic

    Temps load: @ 62-65c

    Temps Idle: @ 42c
  6. That's it, you cooler doesn't make contact with CPU and that's enought for 6-7C higher temp...

    artic freezer pro 7 is good cooler, you sure have warranty. Take new one.

    And replace this cooler on time, don't wait to be late.....
  7. Even for stock cooler this is too much.

    Try reaplly thermal paste

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