Video Card Problem? or other...

So after taking apart my computer, putting it together, going through a long phase of my PSU is bad, or my memory is bad, or the mobo is bad, i believe it could actually be my video card.

There are 2 main problems:

1. when the video card (XFX HD4850) is installed, the fan speed increases to crazy (100%?) and is by far, the loudest fan in the case, when i boot it up without it, its normal. the video card blinks a red/orange light once or twice a few seconds after i turn it in, did it overheat? defective video card?

2. Could contradict it and be a memory/PSU problem in that, i cant run on more than 2gb of ram, even without the video card, those Phase LED lights on my mobo light up 2 green 1 yellow 1 red, and the CPU heatsink fan doesnt spin with more than 2gb of ram.

the PC will run with the video card and 2gb of RAM (when i normally install 6gb), but it will be insanely loud.

I honestly have no clue what the problem could be. should i RMA my video card to XFX? or buy a new PSU? or both. cause running with 2gb ram on win7 64-bit kinda sucks, as well as having a PC that's insanely f'in loud.

thanks in advance.
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  1. plz list the full specs of all your components, what PSU, RAM, Mobo, CPU ect.

    Having the fan speed on the graphics card spin at 100% for 30 seconds upon startup is normal, as long as it goes down after that and dose not stay at 100%.

    What dose your motherboard manual say about the 2Green 1Yellow and 1Red lights stand for? (we currently dont know what model it is)
  2. edit:
    i7-920 @2.67ghz
    Cooler Master Hyper 212+
    Gigabyte EX58-UD3R motherboard
    XFX HD4850
    6gb Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1333mhz Ram
    640gb WD Caviar Black hdd
    Cooler Master 500w PSU
    DVD Burner
    5 120mm fans, 1 140mm fan

    sorry forgot to post it hehe
  3. According to what I could find on those lights they are just there to help you with power savings, the feature is called “Dynamic LED”.

    And for the 4850 lights:
    (is this # next to the light?) D1601 - Over temp protection enabled
    D1602 - EXT 12V fault

    Do you have another computer to test parts with?
  4. both of the lights light up. D1601 and D1602.

    i actually don't i may ask my roommate if i could use his 9600gt and see if my pc works that way...but we'll see...does this mean its a PSU error with the 6pin plug?

    those Dynamic LED's continually shine when it doesnt show a screen, but when it does, they go away so i use that as a symbol that things are running without the video card in
  5. If you are able to test his 9600gt in your computer that would be good, try your 4850 in his and even try his PSU if he will let you. The more possibilities you can knock off the better.
  6. well i took my roommates friends old x800 or something, like a really old video card.

    it works fine, however, once again, with only 2gb of ram. and only in 1 particular slot, maybe the other 2 slots are broken? the sound also dies down witht he other video card, at first its loud, but 3seconds later it quiets down.
  7. So you are able to get into windows fine?

    Having the graphics fan spin fast then slow down as the computer boots is normal for many motherboards.

    Im guessing you have tryed booting with one stick in each slot to see which slots work. Have you tryed all 3 sticks in the white slots and none in the blue? It could be that you motherboard is bad then.

    Your graphics card looks like its overheating if that light is on, though since the other is on it says that your PSU is doing something it should not. It is possible that your PSU could be the problem regarding the RAM aswell. Try to barrow another PSU to eliminate that possiblity.
  8. yeah, i can get into windows fine, its just slower than normal (obviously since i went from 6gb to 2gb) and the fan of the video card (it sounds like its coming from the video card and the PSU, but i think its just cause the video card is so loud it makes everything loud haha).

    the RAM is fine. ive tested it each in DIMM1 the first white slot (and i dont use the blue slot since i tri-channel the 3 sticks) ive only tried using 1 stick in the other slot once and it didnt work.

    the light for the graphics card isnt on constantly, but both lights blink for 2 seconds then turn off. normal? or bad mobo/PSU?
  9. A number of fourms say that if the lights turn off after booting the card is fine. Are you experiencing any crashes while you play a game/runing a benchmark?

    So that just leaves your RAM problem... have you tryed each different stick but in the same slot to test if the sticks are good?
  10. Games/benchmarks usually work fine. Ive crashed once or twice, but didnt see that a huge problem since its one in a hundred. the only thing that bothers me is the loud fan even after windows bootup, it just never ends.

    All the RAM sticks are good, im assuming i have a bad motheboard since now matter what the otehr 2 slots don't work.

    do you think it could also possibly be a PSU or GPU problem as well?

    thanks for all the help and time btw.
  11. The fan dose not stop with both the x800 and 4850?(think you said it was just the 4850) I would try the 4850 in another system before ruling it out. As well as another PSU to test with, if those check out then id say its safe to say its the motherboard.
  12. I tried the 4850 on my housemates PC. it runs, but is still extremely loud. so im guessing theres something wrong with my video card.

    and also the motherboard huh...since 2 ram slots are bad.
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