Improving my overclock (3820, beginner)

Hello, I'm completely new to overclocking and just got my i7 3820 to 4.5ghz stable(i think so? i ran prime95 for 15min) and max temp was 71 degrees. I'll add a picture with information .

Now I'm looking to improve it, how important is overclocking ram, i just put it on auto extreme, would manually changing it improve anything? Also what is the next step? Decreasing core voltage? I haven't tried it yet.

Also, I couldn't seem to boot my computer with 125mhz bus speed while i see many other ppl doing that, any idea what's wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Cpu-z vcore now says 1.296 V and temps lowered to max 64 deg on core #0 around 7-8 deg lower overall. Can i increase my clocking or should i stay here?
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  1. ram overclocking is not important, and will see no benefits
    if you can push it more, then it's worth a shot... but 4.5GHz is respectable... and you could always go for quieter fan speeds or somthing
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