Suspected Dead Motherboard

Hello, I believe I have an issue with the motherboard. I have a fairly old motherboard, MSI 7507. My issue is that the computer powers up, fans turn on on the Graphics card, CPU, PSU, and stand alone fan, LED's in power supply ect. However there is rarely ever a display on the monitor. The power button works but does not illuminate, the reset button does not work, and the cpu indicator light isn't flashing.

Rarely there are any beeps from the motherboard, but when there are, I get a display on the screen and it says "Warning!! previous overclocking is failed, reverting to defaults, push any key other than delete to go into bios, hit F11 to boot normally." F11 doesn't work, sometimes i can get into BIOS, and I've tried load optimized default, and fail safe, both failed. I've tried reseting the CMOS, however was unable to get back to the bios and load optimized defaults again.

This warning is weird, considering I've never done any overclocking.

Also I believe I've had this issue before with the monitor not displaying anything, last time it was an issue with the motherboard being melted (apparently) I suspect it's the same issue, tho I've inspected the motherboard, it doesn't look melted, but then again, IDK what a melted Mobo looks like. >.>
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  1. Reset/clear your cmos is worth a try.
    Turn off psu and unplug
    Depress case power button
    Remove battery or depress cmos button
    Replace battery after a minute or so
    power up normal
  2. Yea, I've attempted this.

    My Mobo has no Cmos button, and no battery that's visible. I've checked the manual.

    It does however have a jumper, which when you switch to pins 2-3 will clear the Cmos - which I've done, and then placed the jumper back on 1 and 2.

    I'm still unable to even get to the bios screen >.<.
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