5770 screen flickering

I bought a new xfx 5770....The screen starts flickering....Sometimes it starts as soon as the comp restarts,sometimes it looks ok but after sometime the flickering starts again....Flickering in the sense means,the text on the screen keeps on flashing...It happened with my Win 7 so tried my hand in XP....The flickering is still there..
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  1. Did the HD 5770 replace another card in your system ?
    If so then make sure you did a clean install of your driver with Driver Sweeper
  2. Ya..my total system got formatted and then only i installed the drivers...Or else is this issue is the one which most of the 5770 users have?
  3. The ATI 5000 series has flickering issues - seems more visible if using the Display port or two or more monitors. They did just release a hotfix for the greyish lines of death - see if there is a flickering update in that
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