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it safe to overclock 3570k

i want a 3570k with ud3h gigabyte as i've heard that its the best combination.

no heavy tasking
for gaming and general use.

and i want to spend once so that it runs atleast 5 years or so to fulfil my needs without much problems.

is 3570k okay or some other would suit me better
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    Overclocking is safe as long as you can keep the temps under control. Get a good cooler and you're all set.
  2. will 212evo do enough or is there anything which suits me best.

    and 3570k is okay or should i go for 3470 as i want a good gaming pc only that can run all games without much trouble

    and one question- being a k series will overclock, as and when required only or it gets heated up everytime ?coz of its overclockability

    i m a little concerned about its durability
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