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Sorry for the double post - put this on the motherboards page before seeing this category

Hi all. I'm very out of date when it comes to building machines, so I need some advice on picking out parts.

The parts I have already are all old PCI, AGP, PS/2 and IDE types, so I need a motherboard that supports them, preferably one that'll use a dual core Intel.

I'm hoping to spend at most around £200-250 on a new motherboard, CPU and 1GB RAM, but the cheaper the better if possible.

Are there any decent boards out there for this?

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  1. An ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 might meet your requirements. If I were you, I'd probably get rid of the AGP card and get a better motherboard. How many PCI cards (what are they) and IDE devices do you have?
  2. Thanks for the reply

    I looked at the ASRock card, but apparently it doesn't accept Wolfdales, which were pretty cheap - what happened to the days when socket types accepted any of type of CPU named the same?

    I'm looking into an AMD Athlon X2 250 at the moment, can get that and a suitable mobo for under £100. They still any good? It's not really for a high performance machine, just to replace the dead mobo I have already (Some old AMD Socket A thing)

    I don't want to be buying more than I need really - found a cheap 9600GT PCI-E card for £40 which is fine, but I'd rather keep the original hard disk, soundcard and wifi card

  3. The CPU certainly is good. What motherboard and what will you use the system for?
  4. General all purpose thing really, not high end gaming (say, CoD4 level at highest) or for overclocking. It's the Gigabyte M61PME-S2P I'm looking at. It's not a great motherboard, and not the cheapest budget ones, but it's one of the few that have the legacy ports I need (so works out cheaper in that respect aside from the video card replacment). If you know of any AGP boards for AM3 chips that would be fantastic
  5. AGP hasn't been supported for several years and the ASRock motherboard is the only one that's available. I'm not that familiar with AMD solutions, but I know that you chose an AM3 CPU and an AM2+ motherboard. Performance might not be as good as using an AM3 motherboard. What legacy ports do you need?
  6. Going for the M61PME, seems the best solution for the total price. Cheers for the info
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