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Hello, I have posted in a few different forums this same questions but I didn't get any response. I have 2 22' lcd's right next to eachother with hardly any gap in between, im running them with a 9800GT, I really want to figure out how I can watch movies and play games with both monitors stretching the image so it shows half on one half on the other..

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time..

my specs are

AMD X2 5600+ 4gb ddr2 pc6400, 9800GT,
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  1. In order to do that you will need to get either a Matrox Dual Head 2 Go or an HD 5000 series card form ATI. What resolution is your 22" monitor?
  2. no way , for real? I need a new video card I just got this lol... I need a new video card even to just watch a movie stretched on them?

    Both are 22' 1680x1050

    What is a dual head 2?

    Im running both of these DVI, dual ramdak video card

  3. I was just looking at those dual headers, I dont need one of those, my card has dual DVI output..

    I just need to figure out how to set it up so I can watch movies and game or whatever I can do with what I have
  4. The only way you can stretch a movie across 2 monitors is to manualy stretch the window open across both monitors, while they are in extended mode.

    As for games Im guessing you want to be able to play them with a resolution of 3360x1050 or 1680x2100, correct? What the Matrox Dual Head 2 Go and HD 5000 series cards do is trick your computer into thinking that the 2 monitors pluged into it are just one big one. Your current 9800GT dose not have such an ability.
  5. Ok, thanks for the responses, I'm not saying that I want to always use dual monitors for things, Also, the center isnt missing, it just gets stretched, nothing is missing it just looks bad, I just want to mess around and see if I can run things spanned across both monitors, mostly for racing games and a few bluray movies. The video card I had before this 9800GT EE was a radeon 4650 low profile, I haven't been up to date with pc graphics but recently I started to get into crysis and I am planning to do a new build, mabey just getting another 9800GT and run sli.

    Anyway I am running extended monitors but when I stretch a movie across its only so wide, it wont go completely across both of em, no matter what aspect ratio I am using. Any ideas?
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