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Hi All,
I picked a used ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII/2DI/1GD5 for $120 so I've decided this will be my first try at overclocking. Seller said he never overclocked it but was running SLI with another.
I read in another thread from last year on this forum:

"I have a Gigabyte 560Ti OC edition (NOT SOC edition), it came stock with 900MHz core.
(over-clocked using MSI afterburner)
Its now sitting stable at:
1GHz Core Clock
2000 Shader
2200 Mem Clock
Temps dont go past 70 degree's under MSI Kombustor fans set to auto around the 68% mark"

I've copied those settings (and also set the fan to max so heat wouldn't be a factor). My temp never went over 40C but my drivers are crashing in WoW (Ultra) after few minutes.

Do you think increasing the voltage would help? If so, what should I increase it to and what would be the max voltage you would run to the card?
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    When you OC you should take baby steps. Don't go up to your goal immediately. Incrementely increase the core then the memory then the core... Do a stress test after each incrememnt to ensure stability and temperatures.
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