How to recover data from an external HDD when it saw the ground


A friend of me gave me his hard drive, the laptop has felt on the ground. The disk doesn't boot windows anymore so he asked me if I could try to recover his data. So I plugged in the hard drive with an external kit to my laptop, I see the disk in my Disk Management, I hear the drive spinning but it sound like there is water in the HDD. But when I click initialize disk I get "Incorrect Function". I tried it with a linux cd but this doesn't recognize the disk.

SO what can I do to read the data?
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  1. Goto the driver vendor web site and dl the dianostic software to run on the drive. It should tell you the condition of the drive.
  2. I hope Western Digital has something like that, will chack there website.
  3. I downlaoded the software from WD, it displayed 300 errors but it can't fix anything.
    TestDisk and Knopix didn't worked either.
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