Home computer shuts down when i press the power button

please help me to identify the problem
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  1. That's what the power button is there for.
  2. Actually, you're not supposed to hit the power button to shut down: you're supposed to hit the "start menu", then hit "shut down" from there (on Windows machines).

    The power button is used to turn the machine on (not off), and should only be hit (if the computer is running) if a normal shutdown won't work (because the system is not responding [and you can't solve it with the tash manager]).
  3. (oops, I meant TASK MANAGER)
  4. ^
    When set up properly a single press of the button triggers an ACPI shutdown (same as "Start > Shutdown"). Don't know where you got the notion that your not supposed to use it.
  5. True, unless you try a single press of the power button but don't let go.
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