Using acronis true image to restore.

hi everyone!

i want to change my motherboard with my raid 0 array set up but I don't want to do a clean install of windows and download all of my programs again. can i use acronis true image to make a backup/system image on an external drive, then restore my raid on the new motherboard from that? i just dont want the hassle of downloading tonnes of stuff :)

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  1. It depends on the version. I can't remember if true image home 2011 has it, but 2012 claims it can restore to completely different systems indifferent of hardware.
  2. cool, i was going to get 2012 anyway. so would i back it up to an external drive then boot from that?
  3. I don't thinlk you can boot from an external drive. This would be used if you need to move your OS to a new computer or restoring after replacing your motherboard.

    I don't have 2012. I have 2009, but I'm considering 2012 since acronis just sent me an upgrade offer that includes the plus pack.
  4. yh :/ bit of a pickle i think. i also wanted to upgrade my raid to a single hybrid, so if i did that first i think it would be a lot easier. soo would i do this by putting the new drive in my rig and cloning my raid to it, then booting from it?

    many thanks btw guys :)
  5. Well, your backup will contain the raid drivers for windows. I don't know how it will react if you restore to a single drive. Other than that I think it will work. You can always try it and if it doesn't work, just restore it to your raid so that it's back to the way it is now.
  6. yh ill probably try that, i really hope it will work, otherwise it'll be a waste of 100 quid! just wish there was an easy way of transfering your whole operating system over to a new motherboard.
  7. You can try Easeus backup. They claim to be able to restore across systems.

    New Highlights of EaseUS Todo Backup Free

    Brand-new interface simplifies backup process.
    Support GPT disk for complete backup, recovery and disk cloning.
    One-click to back up system and restore system to dissimilar hardware.
    WinPE and Linux based bootable disk for easy backup & recovery.
  8. Acronis Workstation w/universal restore can do it. I've actually successfully done it at work for a critical workstation that needed to be up and running yesterday.
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