Gpu or new monitor??

hi all i need some help making a decision on buying a new GPU or a new monitor.... im using a 32" LCD with a 512mb 4870 and im really displeased with the performance im getting while playing games online (like crysis and bad company 2 beta are the worst). i can barely run BC2 on a 30 man server with out the frame rate dropping to like 35-40 FPS with a res of 1280x720 on low settings. is my monitor to large for a 512mb card or something?? i seem to have performances like this also with crysis. will a 32" LCD stress out a 512mb 4870 GPU just because of the shear size of the LCD? or is that not an issue, and i should just buy another 4870 and run it in crossfire??? thanks for the help! :hello:
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  1. Get a new monitor 22-24"with hi speed sinc, 2-5 ms. U have a monitor with 720p. For a screen that big as a PC gaming screen you are going to need 1080p. The reason for this is that at 720p the actual size of the pixels will be huge or you will have what is commonly known as "screen door" effect. 720p I wouldn't use for anything computer related at any distance, its just not enough pixels for computer work.
  2. dude, wtf, what ***!

    720p looks fine on a 32 inch, i tried it sitting 50 cms from a friends screen!

    shogun, don't know why ure getting such low frames, how are u connecting it to the TV? VGA, HDMI or DVI?

    before buying a 4870, can u borrow one from a friend for a bit, to install it and see if u'll get any benefits?

    besides, with a 4870, ure supposed to be raping 720p, thats very strange... unless u have ALL other settings maxed out?...
  3. hmm i figured it should run fine so something is wrong. right now im connecting it through a dvi to hdmi adapter using an HDMI cable.

    but what im wondering is am i losing performance by using such a large display?? or does it sound like theres something going on with my GPU. heres my computer specs if this helps...

    phenom ii 720 X3 BE 2.8ghz
    4gb ddr3 memory
    750w ocz stealthxtreme psu

    its like i get decent frames and then all of a sudden something like an explosion or smoke just drops fps by like almost 40 FPS. also seerwan i never max any of the games out. hmmm.....
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