Overheating GPU?

So my XFX HD4850 seems to be overheating, i didn't notice till i checked ATI Catalyst (duhh). Ive been wondering why the fans been going nuts.

While idling, the GPU Temp is 127C (which says max on Catalyst) The fan is spinning like crazy to keep it cool, but im guessing i have a bad card...but can anyone confirm it? the fan seems to work fine....but its just trying to keep the GPU cool...

want to see if i have to RMA it and get a new one or not.
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  1. 127 at idle??!!
    i'm surprised your card didn't melt...
    If it still on warranty then rma it quickly.
  2. lol, thank god for XFX's warranty.
    yeah im obviously posting on a laptop, dont want to damage it more, or anything else.
  3. Thats too high!

    Seems like a faulty card.
    R M A!
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