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I am going to be rebuilding my water-cooling system in a new case in the not to distant future. My initial plan was: Pump(PMP-450S)>CPU>480rad>x2 680 parallel>240rad>Res.

I have some extra money and was considering adding a RAM block, specifically the Bitspower Galaxy Freezer. However, aesthetics are very important to me and I don't want any tubes crossing over each other at all. The only way to achieve this with a RAM block added is to have the pump go through the RAM block first and then to the CPU and so on. I have heard that RAM blocks can restrict flow a great deal.

So would I see an increase in temperatures on the CPU by having reduced flow due to the RAM block?
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  1. I'm not a WC expert, so I can't comment on the effectiveness of the loop with the RAM block added, but I have to ask: Why do you want to water cool the RAM?

    Unless you would be shooting for world record RAM overclocks, it's pretty much pointless. It would be just for looks.

    That's a lot of trouble to go through just for looks.
  2. yes, if you would like asthetics, ram blocks are very nice. To make it neat, you need to find the shortest possible route. Yes, with ram blocks, the loop will get slightly hotter due to extra heat.
  3. I was working on doing this last night er today till I fried my motherboard,,, I dont even know what happened randomly got a FF short error in the middle of medding with my 950-raystorm block overclock, now I am hitting ebay salers for a used 1366 board like its half off at the bunny ranch. glade I didn't use my indigo xtream tim yet.
  4. Yup, no point in ramblock really, I'd leave it without
  5. ^+1

    If its going to restrict the flow in your loop then other then for asthetics I would not do it. Watercooling RAM is not necessary, it will do fine with its stock heatsink. Cooling it won't really bring much benefit, and you will simply increase the temps in your loop. If you have some left over money a good VRM or chipset block would be better.
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