I cannot open any file on just installed windows xp

I just installed windows xp on the friend's PC and there were more errors through install process,

I've never seen such things before :o ....

The thing is .. When i try to open cmd, regedit, or any other file (like.reg, .txt, .com, etc...) I cannot even open the properties and anything in control panel

When i try to open some .exe, .reg, .txt or any other the window pops up with the warning:

"Windows cannot access the specified device path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to the item."

What to do ...i tried to install the other win OS on the other partition (D:\ i think) and windows on the D:\ worked well but with win xp on Local disk C:\ the same problem remained (cannot access specified path bla bla...)

Does anyone know what is wrong ??? anyone has the solution??
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  1. Also I've tried to load setup default in bios and then install it again ... I didnt touch anything in bios accept boot priority ...and then i've loaded default but nothing ... also if i try to open a file on USB or any kind of removable device, the message pops up (windows cannot access the specified device path or file............)
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