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3570k Overclocking Specifics

November 21, 2012 6:41:20 PM

Hello guys! So I've been playing with my overclock recently, and I'm having a hell of time getting exactly what I want. So to start, the overclock I want:
- 4.5 Ghz
- Voltage 1.2

-1.6 Ghz (standard)
- Voltage < 1

So, this is my experience with offset voltage: for the last few weeks, I was running 4.5 ghz at 1.2vcore, under the impression that the voltage was bringing itself down when idle. I recently discovered that because I had set a manual vcore, the voltage was constantly 1.2v regardless of frequency. Obviously this is unacceptable. But the problem with offset is my computer sets the load voltage for 4.5 ghz ridiculously high: a maximum of 1.34 volts! I tried a -.07 offset, but the processor still idles at voltage over 1 volt. So how do I set a offset relative to a load voltage that I set? Is what I want even possible? So in order to reach low idle voltages, must I run crazy high load voltages? Am I doing something wrong?

Man, after 3 months you would think I'd know all there is about overclocking :pfff: