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hello guys
i have a ati 4870 512 mb 256bit and a 5750 1gb 128 bit and i don't know use which to use.what do you suggest?
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  1. By a long way, the HD4870 is the faster card, at all resolutions.
    The only reason to use the slower card would be if your case has limited airflow and there may be problems keeping the HD4870 cool, otherwise its a no brainer really;)
  2. The 4870 is the more powerful card, not very little, but not alot.

    Its the faster card.
  3. yeah it is thanks guys.I tried it and even with 512mb memory it IS so faster
  4. Yep. A 4870 performs equal to a 5770, while the 5750 performs equal to a 4850.
  5. In most cases the 5770 couldn't match the 4870.
  6. Although there are number of features on the 5750 that make it a worthwhile purchase.... but for all intents and purposes, the 4870 is a superior gaming card to both the 5750 and 5770.
  7. The 4870 is superior, but if you want DX11, eyefinity, etc then you could get a 5770 which costs the same, but is slightly slower than the 4870.
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