Need help with Drive name change/access

I have recently found alot of old computers that my father was ment to get files off but hasnt got round to it and is now to busy so he has passed the job on to me. Now my problem is that I have a old Maxtor 20gb IDE hard drive which im trying to retrieve photos off, however i can seem to access the files at all. i found out that it has been partitioned already but hasnt been assignment a letter. I have tried to give it a letter but windows wont let me. Is anyway that i can work around this? ive tried just about every other thing to access the drive but nothing seems to be working. i have attached this hard drive to another working computers as windows has become unregistered on it. so it there anyway to get the files off/ change the drive letter?

If you need specifications just let me know

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. If you cannot mount the drive in a Windows machine, I would try using Recuva to access the files.
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