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Ok I have a thermaltake system that was built by my uncle and all was working great until about a week ago I left the system on over night and turned it off before it went to work the next night, in the morning I turned it on but it turned immediately off. Now I'm trying to avoid taking it to my uncle tomorrow cause it is very heavy and a pain to transport, now I am unsure of the exact specs because i cant turn it on but from what i remember it is a duel core 3 ghz proccessor, high end ati graffics card, 2 gigs of ram and it was running windows 7 ultimate, it also has three hard drives, dont forget this is a liquid cooling system and i've turned the power off everyway possible, took the battery off the mother board and placed it back, and still nothing, my next option is to take it to my uncle for him to look at it, any help would be much appreciated, also incase your going to ask where it got on the boot up the answer is no were, my monitor was on and the light never even turned green like it was recieving a signal, but all the lights power on, it just shuts off imediately, the coolant is fine and there is plenty, I'm at dead end here

thanx for any help
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  1. Maybe the power supply just died? Could be one of the power cables has come loose?
  2. Do the paperclip trick.....disconnect all devices but fans and use a paperclip to lump pins 15 and 16 on the 24 pin power connector.

    If nuthin happens, PSU likely took dive.
  3. the power supply could have taken a dive even though all the led lights on the mobo are still on and powered up? but ill check all the connections again
  4. LEDs dont take much power. Apply load (CPU/HDD/GPU/water pump) and *poof* shutdown.

    We also dont know any specs on your system. That PSU may not have had much extra wattage left after powering everything. They lose efficiency as they age so a year or two of use and you might be underpowered even with a PSU that had been working fine.
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