Computer shuts down when and shortly after boot

Hello, my friend and myself has just rebuilt his computer after cleaning it from dust. The computer shuts down shortly after booting. No matter what we do, it just shuts down. We've tried BIOS, reinstalling Windows, booting to Windows, but it always shuts down! Booting to Windows is successful. We receive no error messages, whatsoever. Why does this happen?
Thanks for any answers! The rig is a AMD Phenom II 955 AM3, Asus Crosshair III Formula, 2x 2gb DDR3 RAM.
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  1. Checked temps ?
  2. We got no time to check the temps! Sometimes it doesn't shut completely down. The fans are still running but the computer does not respond and the screen is black
  3. We have now successfully started it by removing one of the two RAM-sticks, but is the one taken out from the computer defect?
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