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I'd like to access my home network from my office. From what I can figure, amplifying the wifi signal at home will do the trick, but I surmise I may still have problems. The 'as the crow flies' distance between the two sites is around 300m. The office is at a slightly lower elevation than the house (about 5 ft) and there are a number of houses between home and office with roof-height at the same elevation as my home. I suspect there would not be a direct line-of-sight between the two locations with masts on either end, but there certainly would be between home and one of the adjacent buildings to the office. I assume that a unidirectional antenna mounted on a mast attached to this adjacent building with the 'strong' side facing my home would still pick up the office wifi signal on the 'weaker' side. Would I likely get away with a single antenna or would it be necessary/logical to have one on either end? Both antennae will be mounted on rooftop masts.
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