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Hi there. I know, that an AM3-pinned AMD CPU (like Phenom II or Athlon II) has better performance, bigger bandwith, etc., but I'm curious, what if you put your Phenom II X4 CPU in an AM2+ mobo (because you can).. How much performance/speed/bandwith disadvantage will be compared to an AM3 mobo?
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  1. The main difference is the DDR3 support on an AM3 HT speed isnt as important as clock speed its about a 10% loss in performance nothing you would notice thats if you have anAM2+ board that has support up to 2600mhz.
  2. Thanks for the answer! 10% is a bit more than i expected. What about games? Will there be a noticeable difference in FPS?

    memory speed became redundant after the 800mhz barrier, there is a less than 5% decrease in perf between am3 and am2+ in select scenarios, ur safe
  4. Its probably not even that high It might be a couple fps difference if that. The only scenario you would see the differences is in synthetic benchmarks and server and workstation environment. For gaming you should not see any real difference both Intel QPI and AMD HT buses are major overkill for desktop they are mainly aimed at server platform , which is why cheaper intel chips use DMI bus .
  5. If you are deciding between purchasing a AM3 mobo and a cheaper AM2+ remember that you'll have more of a chance to support AMDs next generation of CPUs with AM3.

    If you are wondering if its worth it to put an AM3 CPU in your current AM2+ motherboard, as they said, "yes".

    If you want an idea of the difference check out some Phenom II 940 benches and compare it to a Phenom II 945 benchmark.
  6. Thanks for your advices. I have now approximately a 2 years old AM2 mobo (Asus M2A-VM), I know that there will be more support for the new, and upcoming AM3-pinned CPUs.. But I don't want to buy another mobo because of CPU - only if it is really necesarry, and if the mobo influences the CPUs performance in games and user-apps.
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    It is always good the make the most of your existing parts specially if there is no significant performance penalty by doing so. Such is your case.

    Your Asus M2A-VM just got a beta BIOS to support AM3 CPU's ( hail AMD!!! )
    The AM3 CPU's aren't on the official list yet, the new BIOS being on beta but I think they should be except that I can only see up to 95W TPD among those already supported so you may have limited AM3 CPU choices.
  8. Well, I know what you mean, but if it's not officially supported it means not that it will not work.. If it works with one AM3, I think it will work with others, too, because they have nearly the same properties.

    Beta bios.. that sounds bad, but there will be a none-beta-stable-n-good bios in the near future (I hope it arrives before Q3 or Q4, 2010), so I can buy-n-play a little bit because I'm now at university and I'm lack of time because of studying and girls :)
  9. Sure. There is no harm in waiting for the official BIOS that will support AM3. If your PC is just two year old it can't be that bad. Focus on your study and PC first. Girl's should come later. :)
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