Overclocking my EVGA 560 ti fermi sc

i have a 600 watt power supply ive downloaded MSi after burner but i want to know wht settings i should start at - and kind of end at with that program or if theres a better program out there Please and thnks
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    Afterburner is great.

    Increase your clock in small steps. Use kumbustor after each step to test for stability and heat.

    Leave your voltage and RAM settings stock for now.
  2. much thanks i also downloaded precison x and os scanner and heavens benchmark
  3. both afterburner and precisionX are great and used them both. just recently i am trying out nvidia inspector which also gives me the ability to change driver setting for particular games.

    i have found out that krombuster that comes with AB and OC scanner that comes with pX are good for "quick and dirty" testing. heaven is good to see what affect changes make but the best test is actual gaming.

    believe me, what i thought would work after a heaven bench, crashes in crysis2.
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