Watercooling crossfire universal blocks, is there any easier way?

So my rig has 2 Gigabyte 6970 OC in it, I couldn't get full cover blocks that fit so I got universal xpsc raystorm blocks instea, I'm trying to put the hose in my loop at the moment and realize because they are so close together running the pipe from one card into the other causes it to kink. I have to keep the cards right next to each other cause that's where the x16x16 slots are on my z68x-ud7 are, is there a different fitting or something I don't know of people use when cooling cards in crossfire/sli or is there a better way to go about it then having a pipe go straight up from one card and over into the other?
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  1. 90° fittings are probably going to be your best bet here, something like this perhaps (okay, it does look cheap) http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2274/ex-tub-13/12_ID_UV_Reactive_Leakproof_Elbow.html?tl=g30c101s746
    There are pricier ones but I think you get the idea here
  2. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/272443-11-asus-6950-dcii-plan
    I used uni's on my cards and ran the tubing to the end of the cards and joined them with two 90 fittings, this hid the tubes and kept it all neat, maybe you could do a similar thing?
    you could ofc use the method and bring the tubing off the side as 'normal' but I like hiding wires and tubes :)
  3. I've read through your Asus 6950 2Gb DCII Mod plan before I just forgot about it, Going sideways might be better, it looks cooler and means less chance of running into my side fan to.

    Something else that concerns me which I can see in your pics you didnt have the same problem is, my raystorm block sits so close to the board that I can't fit ramsinks on the ones where the tubes run, I also ended up using barbs instead of compression fittings on the GPU block because my compression fittings wouldn't fit next to each other. I tried trimming the ramsinks down abit with my dremel cause the only ones I could find in Aus were rather tall but even then they don't fit under the fittings+tube. I was eager just to finish but I might take abit more time to get this right.

    If I have exposed ram is it going to be a problem? I was thinking of placing a 80x80x15mm fan on the end of both the cards to blow across the ramsinks.

    At the moment I've got my res/pump mounted in the bottom of my haf x and I'm using my optical drive bays for a 2x120mm rad, though I'm concerned the position of the res won't feed the pump well. I'll post pics when I get home.

    For some context I started this project almost 6 months ago and then between study/work/partying I haven't gone back to it until last week when I had a sudden burst of motivation.
  4. I'm at work at the minute but I reckon with a bit of thinking we can get you sorted out ok :-)
    Don't run it without heatsinks on the ram though, very bad,
    I like the no rush attitude as well, rushing a job rarely ends well, and in W/c can be very expensive
    I'll post when I get home in 6 hours though
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