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I recently bought a HP Elite desktop. It came with a 1.8 GB GTX 260 video card. However when i test my computer on for games such as crysis and others, it says that my video ram is only 473 mb. I ran dxdiag and it confirmed the finding. I checked online and it says that vram for the gtx 260 should be at least 896 mb. Can anyone tell me why i only have 473mb then?

it has a Intel Core 17-860 processor with 6 GB ram

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    thx for the quick reply, i checked it with gpu-z and it says that the memory size is 1792mb, i'm a noob so i have to ask, does that mean what i got in dxdiag is wrong or incorrect in some way? and would i be able to play games like crysis which says the recommended vram is 640mb?
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