Loading a catalyst profile only when playing a game?

I was wondering if there was a way to set Catalyst to load a specific profile when playing one game, and then go back to another profile when I've finished playing? I'm trying to force Antialiasing in Oblivion with HDR. (on a 5850)

Currently, the only way I've found is to make it launch oblivion from the catalyst profile shortcut on the desktop, but this won't make it go back to another profile after loading, will it? I don't want to force 8xAA on all my games, if I forget to switch back...
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  1. If someone has a better idea Im listening - I created a Normal profile and set everything to - get this - Normal settings. I come out of a game and select normal and Im done....
  2. That's what I've done, but if I forget to switch, then boot up, say, crysis, and play, it's completely messed up. Massive pain having to close, switch, open and reload.
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