Case fan motherboard header not working

I went to install a case fan today and some how shorted out the fan

now the fan header is not working no matter what fan plug in

any ideas on what is wrong and how i could fix it
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  1. You shorted it out, most likely while trying to plug it in while system was on :)

    BTDT myself. It's dead, plug ya fan in somewhere else.
  2. dam it

    but the thing is when i plug my 80mm led fan in the led's come on very dim but the fan won't spin
  3. LED's come on very dim, but fan won't spin. This means the voltage being output from the fan header is low - that's why the LED"S are very dim. With almost all fans, a very low voltage is NOT sufficient to start it up. That is why all fan controllers provide an initial FULL voltage for a few seconds, then reduce it to the desired setting. Your output is not doing that.
  4. but if i give the fan a little kickstart it still won't spin

    and upping the speed in AMD overdrive does nothing
  5. Your last comments just confirm that the maximum output of the connector is very low, and cannot be increased even when you tell it to do so. That fan output will never work unless you can replace the mobo components that have been damaged, which I do NOT suggest. Use another mobo Case Fan header - do NOT use the CPU_FAN or PWR_FAN connectors for this - or buy a manual fan speed controller that you can feed through a Molex 4-pin output connector from the main PSU.
  6. yeah i bought a rosewill fan controller from a friend and i"fixed it"

    so thanks for the help
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