Laptop's hard disk enclosure 2.5 to desktop

Hello, I had a Dell XPS M1330 (Laptop) but it got all messed up, so I decided to take off the HDD (Momentus 7200.2 SATA)and bought an external USB 2.0 enclosure to connect it to my desktop.

It went all right during the installation, and the laptop's HDD even got a letter assigned to it, but when I tried to explore it to make sure my files were still there I got the "Disk is not formatted" alarm. I checked the Computer Management and it appears there, but without any file system (I suppose it must be NTFS) being the reason (I suppose) why I can't read the files.

I really need to be able to use it without formatting (at least at the begging) to recover some important documents, so if anyone knows a way it would be most appreciated.

The laptop used to use Windows Vista, and the desktop is a Dell XPS 600 uses Windows XP

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  1. does he have a os on it
  2. I couldn't uninstall anything before the laptop crashed, so there's many program files in it, including the Vista files
  3. use the administrator to try getting in the drive if your not able could you connect it directly in the case
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