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What is the best CPU that can fit into Benicia v 1.01

my current cpu

and the mother board

My computer is HP a6560t, recently I am planing to doing an upgrade.
I am not sure if i can just upgrade the cpu without change the board. what is the best cpu today that can still use this board?

and what I can do with the old cpu after the upgrade? I am not sure people will want to buy second hand cpu off ebay.
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    The highest you can upgrade to is the Q9650. These are the same as the Q9X00 ones like yours but they have twice as much cache.

    I do not believe this a a worthy upgrade at all. Save up your money to buy a new system later on.

    Hope that helps.
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  3. Im wondering if my motherboard can handle my new power supply which is and this is my motherboard and if not what is a motherboard that is recommended to support that power supply.
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