Big trouble with Asus M4N75TD mobo and Corsair ram

Okay, I have a Phenom II 965 be along with a 4 gig dual channel kit Corsair ram DD3 CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 and an Asus M4N75TD motherboard.
Problem is, the memory won't run at 1600 mhz as advertised, nor will it run in dual channel mode with this motherboard. If I insert the dims in same color slots the system will not boot. The system runs stable when the ram is inserted in different colored slots but it will not run @ 1600, instead only running @ 1333. I've tried bumping the voltage up to 1.65 but it doesn't work. System isn't even stable enough to boot up windows if memory is set at 1600 even with the increased voltage.

I've tried and it is stable @ 1333 mhz, but it won't run in dual channel mode, and it won't run at the advertised 1600 mhz. The Corsair memory I've chosen was on the qualified vendors list in the motherboard manual, so there should be no problems, and this is really irksome.

Could it be that either the mobo or ram is defective if the system runs stable @ 1333 in single channel mode? How much of a performance hit will I suffer from losing out on dual channel mode and the increased ram speed? I just got the stuff off newegg, should I send it all back?
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  1. Hi lordvr2409 and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    Try booting up the rig with only one stick at 1600
  2. Quite a few 9** series Phenom II CPUs are not capable of running RAM at 1600. If it is stable at 1333 but not at 1600, the limitation is likely your memory controller on the CPU.
  3. A separate issue is that the ram will not run in dual-channel mode. The system will not even boot unless the ram is in different colored dimm slots.
  4. ^Can u test the RAM in another mobo?
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    {CMX4GX3M2A1600C9} is on the QVL list, verify that you have at least M4N75TD BIOS 0402 or higher; MOBO should automatically** detect your XMP and correctly set all timings, speed + voltages will be set correctly. If you have a problem with your BIOS then "Load Defaults."

    Certified {QVL} <or> Tested DDR:
    ASUS {Certified QVL} Memory Support List -tab -
    Corsair {Tested} -

    This should correct the problem, if not re-seat; otherwise RAM DDR.

    AI Overclock Tuner {Auto} -> {D.O.C.P.}
    DRAM OC Profile {1600 MHz}

    Good Luck!
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