Motherboard problem???

1.My system
#amd phenom II 965 be
#asus m4a785tdv-evo
#seagate barracuda 500gb
#coolermaster 460w psu
#2gb Zion ddr3-1333mhz ram

2.My ps2 port was problematic from the beginning.. my mouse kept freezing and wouldnt move until i cut off the power completely and restarted.

3.Recently my pc screen has been freezing usually happens after i keep my pc turned off for sometime(i keep my pc running most of the times).
I press the restart button and at POST the mobo reports "ddr3-1333 Unganged mode" and it says

CMOS Checksum Bad
CMOS Date and Time are Wrong
Press F1 to enter setup
Press F2 to load default values and continue

I press F2 and the after booting i get the blue screen of death.This time i cut the power and then start my pc again i hav to load default values
and after that windows runs its recovery n then restarts itself and things are fine.

This is my first built n im really really worried sick!!! :cry:
some ppl said its my psu problem n asked me to change it,but i need some expert advice.
It could be just my cmos battery?? or is it my memory??? or some serious mobo problem??? please help!! :cry:

ps:saved some money to buy a good gaming mouse but i guess the money will serve some other purpose now :(
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    Does the date/time error happen every time you completely unplug the power from the PC and start again?

    I think that your CMOS battery is dead, get a new one and put it in and see if the date/time/default issue is gone or not.

    Could you note down your BSOD error code and let us know. It would be helpful in providing a solution.
  2. ya happens everytime i unplug the power completely.. and leave it that way for sometime.It runs fine if i unplug it and restart immediately.

    Ok il note down the BSOD error code.ty for ur help man!! :D
    really love my pc saved like crazy to get this rig.
  3. If everything doesn't work its better to get an RMA done. Why should you be stuck with a problematic piece of hardware. But yes, first do all your checks.
  4. ok so this morning i try to turn on my pc.. some different stuff happens.

    PC boots up fine but in like 5 secs screeen freeze.

    I keep pushing restart screen freezes all the time while booting.

    i cut the power n then try to restart even then pc keeps troubling.

    This time wasnt asked to fix CMOS date and time n didnt get a BSOD either.

    So luckly i find out that my mobo uses the same battery as my music systems i swap em.. ok restarts fine.system runs without any trouble.

    Now i started my pc after like two and a half hours and my pc booted fine no screen freeze or anything.

    and my music players remote is working fine with the CMOS battery.
    all seems well for now. :D:D:D:D
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