SATA III SSD w/ SATA II HDD's Fastest Speed?

Okay so i have the M4A89TD PRO USB3 motherboard from ASUS. I just ordered a SSD that is SATA III and my motherboard supports it but i want to continue to use my two 500GB SATA II hdd's. I will have theses three drives connected from port 1 through 3 which all will fall under the same chipset with it set to AHCI.

What i am wondering is if i will get SATA 3 speeds on the ssd while the HDDs will be SATA II speeds, I am worried that the HDDS will will make the SSD speed only do SATA 2 for compatibility reasons.

Any input is appreciated
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    Nope. As long as the mobo has SATA III & SATA II ports.

    Sorry, I just checked out the mobo specs. You'll be fine. Even if all the ports are SATA III, HDD don't come close, the HDD at fault. But they won't slow down the SSD.

    I have 2 SATA III SSD's, 2 SATA II HDD, all running on the same chipset. Still getting SATA III speeds from my SSDs, and same HDD speeds when they were in another rig.
  2. Ya after changing the wording of my Google search's it was very clear that normally SATA ports will operate at different speeds.
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