Delete original windows 7 and install windows xp?

my laptop came with widows 7 and i hate it and wish to load windows xp - how?
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  1. First, are Windows XP drivers available for all of the hardware? Chances are good that there aren't as XP support is winding down. No drivers = No XP
  2. That is true :D
  3. What laptop make and model do you own?
  4. In my experience XP drivers are still in abundance, my hardware includes a one year old Epsom printer/scanner, a Nvidia GTX 570, and a four month old logitech K360 keyboard.
    I can honestly say that i have never, to this day had a problem finding XP drivers.
    Im no expert but i'd say that you need to format your hard drive before installing XP from start, as i don't think Windows 7 would allow installation of a predecessor over itself. ;)
  5. We are referring to motherboard drivers here, origamer, not external external devices like printers etc. or drivers for add-on video cards.
  6. I appologise, my mistake.. *slaps forhead* 'doh'
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