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Can anyone explain what is a sideport memory? And how can I overclock my ATI 3200 IGP?
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  1. it is integrated video memory in AMD chipsets

    and is very useful for low budget gaming rigs it is superior to Intel integrated video memory because it is faster and more powerful

    and to OC go to the BIOS and and look for video chipset options
  2. Sideport is 128mb of DDR3 memory dedicated to the IGP, can boost performance by 20-50%.
  3. Don't expect to play many games with this setup. This video chip is nowhere near powerful enough to play much.

    My advice is forget about overclocking (or try to get a stable 10% or so) and start trying game demos and see what you can play.

    1) go to and find the PC section and show games by RATING (all games). Start going down the list for games made in 2000 or later. Google for demos and try them
    2) get FRAPS to monitor your framerate. For high-end shooters you want at least 40FPS (60FPS is optimal for most flatscreens. 75 or 85 is usually optimal for CRT monitors).

    You'd see a big performance with a dedicated graphics card but without knowing your other specs (CPU and RAM mainly) it's hard to recommend anything but if you had an okay dual-core I'd likely recommend something like the HD4770 but that's a very rough guess.
  4. You can play BF2 (lowest settings), C&C3, and other 2-3 year old games.
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