GTX 285 power connection help??

Please help!
I just got a "XFXGTX285 1GB"
and it came with 1-power connector
is this one-power-cord [its a six-pin black on one-end, and splits into a "double-end(white connectors) at the other end"?]
all I need??, or do I need another power-connector-plug??
the card has two-six-pin plug-ins,,soo, do I need to plug-in both??, or
will one six-pin-plug be enough??

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. One end in the PSU and the other two in the card. Check the manual. Try one first, if that doesnt work plug the other one in aswell.
  2. Whaaa... Dnt try just 1 first ^^

    Your card needs both, You need to connect your PSU to your card via a 6pin PCI-E cable

    The connector that came with your card is called a molex to 6 pin, You need to connect the 2 molex connectors to your power supply and then connect the 6 pin to your card.

    What powersupply do you have?
  3. I havn't purchased the PSU yet, Im thinking of getting an ATX 650 for 79$ on sale
    w/amazon, and hope its a good one!,,

    Im running a 450watt PSU now, w/my 8800 GTS 320MB, but I dont think its going to
    be enough for this "285 GTX 1GB" monster!

    soo, I take-it I need another 6-pin molex connector?? for the card to work??

  4. If your PSU is half decent then it should come with atlest two of your needed 6pins. If not then you will need another 6pin to molex adapter.
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