HUGE difference between cores (11c)

Hi, im totally n00b on overclocking.

I've just got an 3770k @4.3ghz 1.23vCore (If i try to lower it my system becomes unstable). Im using Noctua NH-D14 and artic silver 5 (I made a line to appy it as Artic says). My case is Chaser MK-I with the optional fans installed too.

HWMonitor says my temps are arround 23-24-25-26 and CPU 27 at idle, but when i run Intel burn test, or prime95 i get huge difference between core 1 and core 2.

Last recorded after 8mins of full load intel burn test: 66-77-72-72 and CPU 77.
Last recorded after 8mins of full load prime95: 63-70-66-66 and CPU70.
HWMonitor says the same as CoreTemp.

I think is much temp overall and also much difference between cores.
Did I apply the thermal paste correctly? is something wrong in my BIOS that makes core 1 work less?
I need your help, i've learned all from here and im sure you will help me :)
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  1. to be expected, also im sure it will be corrected somewhat as your AS5 cures (in the neighborhood of 100hrs)
  2. thanks for the info. and btw, does 100hrs mean 100 hours with pc working, or 100hrs in total since its applyed? coz it was applyed 1 week ago

    when im gamming CPU is on medium load (~40%) and all the cores are at the same temp arround 50c +-2 depending on the core
  3. I believe curing time is the thermal cycles it takes for the thermal paste to reach max potential. That being said you should alternate between idle and load repeatedly which should happen by using your computer normally. So basically it means while the computer is running/working.
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