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I have a 3870 X2 card and when I install the drivers for it and go to start a game up (CoD) the screen goes black and freezes - I then have to shut the pc down. If i dont install the drivers I can play the games but it is on low spec - any ideas
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  1. pc spec
    4gb ocz 6400
    asus rampage mb
    1200w thermaltake psu
    150gb raptor
    cosmos s case
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    What about other games ? have you tested any other ?
  3. yes all games will not run cod4 cod 6 and the new bf2 all i get is black screen of death its mad that with no drviers they run.
  4. and got no sound now
  5. so does my 3870x2 but i just stopped playing cod4 on it and bought mw2 on xbox360 :D
  6. btw i know its the overheat cauz cod4 just overheats my gfx quicker than crysis :D
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