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Looking to build a computer for $500 for gaming and surfing.I mostly play CSS and Company of Heroes.I only need motherboard,memory,cpu,video card,and power supply.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Take a look of this configuration, maybe can help you.

    CPU $ 99,00 Here
    MOBO $ 99,99 Here
    RAM $ 99,99 Here
    GPU $ 159,99 Here

    Total: $458,97 + MIR + SHIPPING
  2. Thanks for your reply i should have put this in the original post but i want to go with a Nvidia card.I have always purchased ati but have had some serious driver issues since omega fell off the earth. Even tho he is back i dont want to end up in the same situation i am with my 1900xt driver and css.
  3. Well, i always prefer nVidia too, but at this time. ATI is the best option price/performance. Or you can get a GTX260 'till fermi comes out, and change again the GPU.
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