Need a Diagram for ASUS M4A785-M +/- PLED Connectors

I am presently building a new system; the info is in my signature. The mobo is labeled well, but my case's connectors include separate +/- connectors: +PLED and -PLED. There are two single pin connectors near the HDD LED (left) and one on the right near the PWSW LED. Everything is in place except the +/- connectors - which goes where? + in back, - in front or vice verse? There are three empty little bars w/no pins that separate the two sides. Does anyone know of a diagram that will show this portion of the mobo and where the connectors go?
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  2. Bless you!!! no doubt this is in my manual, but i'm wearing two pair of glasses just to read that tiny writing :-). This definitely helps. It's showing me that i presently have the other connectors turned the wrong way; got to fix that also. Thanks again.
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