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Two Boards RMAed the 1st Same problem. NB Overheats. Board Shuts Down. No Help from ASUS. Vendor says Warranty issue. Pulled Heatsink cleared yellow heatsink pads. Note Boltholes on MB do not align with Heatsink bolts. Applied Artic Silver 5 reseated Heatsinks. Posted ran for a few minutes then locked up on NB Overheat. Any Suggestions. If replace heatsink what type and brand. Help.
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    The NB "normally" gets extremely hot; it is thermally design limit is 104°C {219°F}. I would not recommend removing the Heatsinks, but they can be water-cooled - {not IV} & {Anfi-tec - if you special order}

    However, most of the time "real" overheating of the NB is caused by bad OC and/or short. Have you breadboard/benched to test? There isn't a single mid-level MOBO that if your're running 4+ GHz OC that won't be extremely hot. Also, on some rare occasions non-compatible RAM or OC GPU or 3+ WAY CF/SLI can cause NB problems. Anything in extreme running off the NB.

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