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I just built my computer and everything seems to work fine except for my video card. I've updated all my drivers including my motherboard BIOS, ran memtest and reported no errors. After installing the display driver and restarting my computer, it would blue screen (not a BSOD however) right before Windows can load the background. I'm then forced to hard boot it and start up through safe mode to access Windows 7.

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, and I've tried installing the latest driver from ati.com and also the outdated one from the CD XFX provided. I've tried my old video card Radeon X1950 and it works fine.

Here's the rest of my spec:
CPU: Intel i5 750
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600
Mobo: Biostar T5XE CFX-SLI
PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 500W Dual Rail 12V with 18A going through both rails

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.
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  1. Please give us more info about your system and driver version. It is not enough to say the latest drivers.

    Please also follow the guidelines to troubleshoot your problem.


    Hope the above helps.

  2. My chipset driver is and the drivers I've tried to install for my radeon 5770 is the ATI Catalyst 10.1(64 bit), I updated my BIOS to its 12-19-2009 revision.

    I've also followed the guidelines on the link you provided. It doesn't seem like I have a problem booting up Windows 7, it just locks up right after the welcome screen for some reason.
  3. I've got an update on the situation. I've installed the drivers alone this time without CCC and it loaded up into my desktop successfully. I then tried to use Windows Experience Index and while in the middle of it, my computer froze up again (this time a grey screen). Hopefully that sheds a little more light into the situation.
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