First custom water cooling build

Hello, I have installed a Corsair H100 and it is nice but i think I am ready to make the steps in to custom liquid cooling. I have a NZXT 410 Phantom case currently. I would like to put this 240mm radiator in the front.
Also have another one of those radiators on the top of the case. So two 240mm radiators.

On the back i would like to put this radiator

I think this is good enough for cooling a 125 AMD processor and couple of video cards. I want this Cpu waterblock.

Radiator/pump I would like to be this

So basically that rounds up to be $250 dollars. I would like to keep this as close as possible to $300. Is there any compatibility issues with any of these parts together? What else do I need in order to complete the loop? Tubing also.
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  1. Did you read the watercooling sticky?

    You need a bunch more....
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