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What can I salvage in order to build a new system?..

Last response: in Systems
February 15, 2010 10:47:00 PM

Hey guys,

I'm planning on building a new computer within this month and was wondering if I can salvage anything from my old computer to use on my next one? I'm planning on hitting the $1000 - $1200 (dont want to push it to 1200 if possible) price tag.
I bought my old PC for gaming but boy was I disappointed when prices rapidly fell and DX10 was introduced :( .
I'm hoping to build this PC for gaming and sound design and recording.

I'm wanting to go for an Intel CPU i5 750 or i7 920 and maybe 4 - 6 GB Ram.
A good GPU would be great too to hopefully future proof the machine.
I reckon I could probably use my old diskdrive and case at least?

I have a Philips Monitor but am not sure of whats the maximum resolution, anyway I can find out?

Heres my specs I got from CPU-Z:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+ (probably waaay too old for todays games)
Mobo: Packard Bell BV, GA-K8N Ultra-Sli (probably too old too)
2 GB of some sort of memory.
GPU: 2x 7600 GT 256mb

Theres more here:

I'm surprised theres still a website for it. Hopefully you can see the case and its specs.

I'd also need a new monitor if my old one is not good enough, windows 7.

Thanks for any help,

truecrippler :D 
February 16, 2010 2:05:03 AM

I don't really see much, except the card reader and such and maybe the DVD (if it is SATA, though that is only a $30 part so that doesn't help much) and KB and mouse. I'm afraid a full build is in order otherwise. Is your monitor an LCD? You should be able to get a part number off of it and google it. If it is an LCD it should be the highest Resolution Windows allows. A reasonable i5 build should come in under $1200.
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