Physx?? How do I get it?

hi im building a new comp for gaming but dont know which graphics card to get. Money isnt really an issue but i really dont WANNA spend 400 dollars so pls give me some advice. I really want physx, as a lot of REALLY cool games are using it. My motherboard im currently selecting is a msi evo with a 16x and 4x pci e. I was told to get a nice card and then pair it with a physx card in the 4x. would this be considered crossfire, i think not? and would this create a bottleneck. help me out. also, do all cards support physx or do you have to get one of those double decker cards. im trying to figure this out, i want dx11 FOR SURE so a 4870 might be what i get. MY OTHER QUESTION is, even though everyone is loving ATI right now i here a lot of cons about the drivers. i dont wanna be stuck with driver issues, do NVIDIA cards have this problem. i have no problem going nvidia if this is the case. also, why does ati have way more stream processing than nvidia. SOMEONE SMART EXPLAIN ALL THIS PLS! :pt1cable:
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  1. well first off, unfortunately what you want doesnt exist...physx is exclusively nvidia right now, dx11 is exclusively ati right now that ive crushed your dreams, i will answer your other questions. the mobo question, for nvidia, it is called sli, if you got like a 260 and a physx card (9800gt i think) however, i believe that the gtx 275 and 285 both support physx all by themselves, so you wouldnt need a second card to complicate things. so now nvidia looks great and all, but nope. the ati 5000 series supports dx11, so it would be more future proof. also, the competitor of the 285, the 5850, not only costs less, uses less power, and is quiter, it also blows it out of the water, eats its children, then mauls it...pretty bad too:,2433-6.html

    if you look around, you will see it beats it pretty bad, or atleast for being considered its equal. ati and amd typically play nicer than amd+nvidia as well. the 4870 doesnt have dx 11 btw. also, the 5000 series is new, so of course it may have some problems, but no major ones that are worth worrying about. it depends on what games you are playing, but 90% of the time i would say 5850.
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