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HP laptop with Widows 7: Have bright house networks (same as time warner) Cant get 7 to connect to the net because it only gives the ppoe option where you have to sign in. Roadrunner uses an always on type of connection so we can not configure a network Any thoughts on this?
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  1. Can you add a wireless router to you connection?
  2. Yes I can add a wireless router, but I prefer to solve the wired connection problem first, because I want to see if this is an isolated issue or is 7 prone to this kind of thing. This is a customers computer, and I anticipate the possibility that I will encounter this again. I want to try to figure out why I am only given the choice of a ppoe type of connection that needs a username and password. Roadrunner and FIOS provide always on connections. If anyone has any knowledge on the subject, I would be grateful, but please no newbie suggestions like "have you tried a different ethernet cable?", etc.
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