Best way to BIOS Flash an ASUS?

Last time I killed my BIOS by using EZ-Flash on a M2N-E, my version was over 0203 so there were no real warnings, yet it still corrupted, just bad luck then.

Has anyone had much success with ASUS Update? Kind of fearful of flashing a BIOS within Windows, aren't you just asking for trouble? Does ASUS Update allow you to check if the BIOS flash was successful before rebooting though? That'd be amazing if so.

How about Award BIOS with a floppy? What's the most foolproof thing to do?

Right now my CPU is OCed, so I know I set my BIOS to factory defaults first, any other tips? Thanks.
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    Though I have seen a lot of warnings about doing so, I never saw a post speaking from actual experience. I have Ben using ASus update for about 6-7 years on at least 20 builds w/ not a single issue ... Figuring an average of 3 Updates per build, that puts me about 60 and 0.
  2. It's now some version 7 and runs within Windows right, I'm using Win 7 32-bit? Can it confirm the flash was successful/allow a revert before a reboot?
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  4. EZ Flash is the best way to update a BIOS, in my opinion. Make sure the USB flash disk is free of errors by simply full-formatting it to FAT32 ( not quick ) and then copying the BIOS update file on it.

    I have updated my P7P55D several times without incident, though, I have EZ Flash 2.
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