Asus IPIBL-LB is there enough space for graphic cards


Is there enough space on board to place a double wide graphics card with an upgraded psu?
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  1. You might be worried about the plugs next to the first PCI-Ex1 slot, but yes, you should be fine.

    IT won't work if you're using any sort of SlimPC, however.
  2. Thanks, shadow187. Can you recommend a gpu that would be great for gaming, photo editing and hd movies (some rendering)? :)
  3. Here's the current lineup based on price.

    $50: HD4650
    $70: HD4670
    $100: HD5670
    $130: HD5750
    $160: HD5770
    $200: HD4890
    $300: HD5850
    $400: HD5870
    $600: HD5970
  4. Thanks again will do my homework and send you the results. :)
  5. i have the same mobo and i just recently upgraded from a single slot HD4850 to a dual slot hd 5850. I would definitely reccomend upping your power supply bcuz im currently experiencing power hiccups which include mouse followed by system lag and sound distortion. Hope this helps!5850 is huge and blocks ur 1st 2 sata ports tho so make sure u move those cables to the next slots.
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