I changed my computers settings and accidently remove myself as adminstrator ple

when i was setting my user account I accidently remove myself as administrator and can't get it back please help
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  1. Do you mean you change your user account priviledges? Try this.

    Go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change an Account
    Click on your Account
    Choose "Change my Account Type"
    Select Computer Administrator and Apply Changes.

  2. You should still have one administrator, but it may be hidden so there a a couple of solutions depending on your XP version. Once you logon using that administrator you can elevate your user status back to administrator.

    If it is XP Home there is a default administrator account that only shows up in Safe Mode, so boot up in Safe Mode and use the default administrator account to open users and elevate yourself back to an administrator.

    If XP Pro try hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL twice at the Welcome screen to see if the default administrator account shows up. You can also change a registry key to make it show up if that does not work. Just let me know and I can go through that.
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