Phenom X6 supported boards

What boards can support the X6 chips? Where can I find a list of supported motherboards? Already did a google but can't find anything.

I found some shops here in the Philippines that sell the 1090T for only $170! That's nearly half the US price. Some one already validated the chips.]
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  1. The 890GX chipset based boards definitely support the Phenom II X6, the MSI 790GX-G65 should, I saw it in one review lol, but you'd probably need a BIOS update on both.
  2. with a bios update, most am3 and some am2+ boards support the thuban processors..
  3. ASUS said they were releasing a BIOS update for all of their M4 series of boards so they can support Thuban. You will need to check each board manufacturer individually and see what they are doing support wise. I would expect most to update for their 790 series boards but lower end boards might not be so lucky.
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